[or "where do you want to go today?"]

sites in czech
vejtvarka ( very good czech site about drawing & art for everyone. useful tips, tutorials, links, inspiration, etc... great!
dark art ( great site of an czech artist, who call himself the hunter. amazing place, full of drawings and paintings, news, artists profiles, informations, etc. superb!

sites in english
andrew loomis' online anatomy ( very useful site where many complete anatomy books for artists can be downloaded.
portrait artist ( tutorials and examples how to draw a portrait, quite useful and inspirative.
gfx artist ( superb site with digital art galleries. almost all of its members are damn good :)
daniel oullette's gallery ( gallery of a genius! truly, these are one of the best works i've ever seen.

is there an interresting site which should be mentioned here? do you have your own gallery? send me a mail to lojza.filip at seznam dot cz and i'll add it here :)